Storytelling series- “Tales of Change from Kwale Coast

  • Babies coming early
    This narrative comes directly from the voices of those in Msambweni, Kenya and was arranged into this structure by us to present an accessible tale of the changes these coastal communities experience today, how they view and understand them plus what solutions they see. This work is part of the FoRel project at Stockholm Resilience Centre, the University of Pwani, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and WCS Kenya.
  • Them youths got no discipline
    Liz: Hi all this is Chris and Liz again from the FoRel project, which stands for Forum Theatre to enhance joint agency in Kenya and Mozambique: towards relational understandings of climate change. In more simple words, this project aims to put together Forum Theatre performances with people who live in coastal East and Southern Africa … Continue reading Them youths got no discipline
  • Digital times
    “It’s Digital- your time is over old man” This little story acts as a red thread in our fieldwork results, or as people see a driver of the changes and resulting conflicts they are seeing. It is also a hope or a goal to move towards in terms of practise e.g. fishing and farming. A lot of hopes and expectations for the future are based on becoming materially modern. This is the first story in the new podcast Tales of Change from Kwale Coast, part of communicating the science of the FoRel Project.